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1.Being a good leader,one ______ to think more of others. 【 C 】
A. must
B. may
C. ought
D. should
【答案解析】:译文:作为一位好领导,应多考虑别人。ought to+动词原彤表示“道义上应当…”。
2.It‘s quite ______ me why such things have been allowed to happen. 【 D 】
A. for
B. behind
C. against
D. beyond
【答案解析】:作为介词,beyond可指范围,意为“在/向……那边,超过”,也可指时间,意为“到……以后”[(of time)later than],还可以用于比喻,意为“超出,为……所不及”(surpassing, exceeding, out of reach of)。
3.The factory manufactures a ______ of products. 【 A 】
A. variety
B. mixture
C. quality
D. volume
【答案解析】:译文:这家工厂生产各种各样的产品。此题考查短语搭配。 a variety of意思为“各种各样的”。
4.He continued speaking,regardless ______ my feelings. 【 B 】
A. in  Www.KaO8.CC
B. of
C. on
D. about
【答案解析】:译文:不顾我的感情,他继续讲下去。regardless of意思为“不顾,不管”
5.If traffic problems are not solved soon,driving in this city ______ impossible. 【 C 】
A. become
B. becomes
C. will become
D. has become
6.The boss asked his secretary to go to a concert and she ______ his invitation with pleasure. 【 B 】
A. received
B. accepted
C. rejected
D. refused
【答案解析】:译文:老板邀请他的秘书去听音乐会,她愉快地接受了邀请。此题考查词汇。receive表示客观“收到”;accept表示主观“接受”;reject意为“抛弃。 拒绝”;refuse表示“拒绝”。从句中的with pleasure可知秘书“接受”了邀请。答案为B.
7.This tool machine is capable ______ being improve【 D 】
A. to
B. in
C. with
D. of
【答案解析】:be capable of:能够,有能力。
8.We ______ very close,but things have changed recently. 【 A 】
A. used to be
B. are used to being
C. are used to be
D. were used to being
【答案解析】:表示“过去常常”用used to do(be)。 译文:我们过去非常亲近。但近来事情已经发生变化。
9.He found it difficult to make himself ______. 【 A 】
A. understood
B. be understood
C. understand
D. to understand
【答案解析】:make sb done: 使某人被……。
本题中的make himself understood意思是“使他自己被理解”。句中的it是形式宾语,make himself understood是真正的宾语。句意:他发现让别人理解自己很困难。
10.It rained hard yesterday, ______ prevented me from going to the park. 【B 】
A. that
B. which
C. as
D. it
【答案解析】:逗号后面是which引导的非限定性定语从句,which指代前面的整个句子。   11.He was busily engaged ______ writing letters. 【 B 】
A. on
B. in
C. with
D. by
【答案解析】:be engaged in:从事,忙于。
12.Do remember to ______ the light when you leave the room. 【 C 】
A. turn up
B. turn on
C. turn off
D. turn down
13.The atmosphere consists of an ocean of gases ______ miles high. 【 B 】
A. hundreds
B. hundreds of
C. of hundreds
D. of hundreds of
14.Not only the students but also the old teacher ______ been changed. 【 C 】
A. was
B. were
C. has
D. have
【答案解析】:not only…but also…是固定搭配,意思是:不但……而且……。它需要遵循就近原则,谓语动词应与the old teacher一致,所以答案是C.
15.—— ________ I had!
—— You really suffered a lot. 【 A 】
A. What a time
B. What time
C. How a time
D. how time
1.What + n.+主谓部分2.How + adj. / adv. / v.+主谓部分。本题属第一种,但省略了bad,相当于 What a bad time I had! 这是个习惯用语。
16.The advertisements are trying ________ people to buy things they don‘t really need.【 D 】
A. persuade
B. persuading
C. be persuading
D. to persuade
【答案解析】:try to do:试图做某事。
17.Practice ________ English every day. 【 D 】
A. speak
B. to speak
C. speaks
D. speaking
18.The discount houses were first established in that period of time ________ people‘s purchasing power was low. 【 C 】
A. which
B. that
C. when
D. where
【答案解析】:先行词是in that period of time,所以关系词应选择when.
19.Please write a report ________ the above subjects are to be covered. 【 B 】
A. which
B. in which
C. that
D. in that
【答案解析】:in which the above subjects are to be covered是report的定语从句。which指代先行词report,in用于与report搭配。
20.The reason ________ I‘m writing is to ask for your permission to translate your latest novel into  Chinese. 【B 】
A. because
B. why
C. for
D. as
【答案解析】:本题考查的是定语从句的用法。先行词是the reason;引导词why表示原因。
1.Advertising is only part of the total sales effort, but it is the part that ________ the most attention. 【 B 】
A. attacks
B. attracts
C. attaches
D. attributes
2.That student ________ his hand every time the teacher asks a question. 【 C 】
A. lets up
B. gets up
C. puts up
D. rises up
【答案解析】:let up:停止,放松;get up:起床;put up:举起,抬起;rise up:起义,叛变。
3.For a week she worked with us in the village,_______ her poor health. 【 C 】
A. as a result of
B. on account of
C. in spite of
D. despite of
【答案解析】:译文:尽管她的健康不佳,她仍与我们在村里工作了一星期。in spite of意思为“尽管”,相当于despite,表让步。
4.Some people who are successful language learners find it difficult to _______ in other fields. 【 A 】
A. succeed
B. result
C. achieve
D. score
5.I wonder who will _______ as secretary of our club next year. 【 B 】
A. take up
B. take over
C. take one
D. take on
【答案解析】:本题考查词组辨析。take over:接任;接管;接收。
6.The speaker‘s forceful words persuaded his opponent to _______. 【 D 】
A. back out
B. back up
C. back on
D. back down
【答案解析】:back down:让步,退却;放弃。
7.It was important for the president to continue his schedule, regardless _______ the bomb threat. 【 A 】
A. of
B. by
C. from
D. with
【答案解析】:本题考查的是固定短语的搭配,regardless of表示“不管,不顾”的意思。
8.The Atlantic Ocean is one of the oceans that separate the old world _______ the new. 【 D 】
A. in
B. away
C. to
D. from
9.Health _______ good food, fresh air and enough sleep. 【 C 】
A. rely
B. depend
C. depends on
D. consist of
【答案解析】:rely与depend多作为不及物动词来使用,所以后面如果有宾语,就应该用rely on或depend on.所以答案A和B错误。consist of意思是“由……组成”,不符合句意。所以本题答案是C.
10.A plan was made last year ______ several roads would be built in this part of the city. 【 D 】
A. as
B. where
C. which
D. that
【答案解析】:译文:去年制定了一个计划,将要在这个城市的这个地区修建几条公路。此题考查同位语从句。   11.His best film, ______ won several awards,is about the life of Martin Luthur King. 【 C 】
A. that
B. where
C. which
D. whether
12.Harry Potter is the most interesting book ______ I have ever read【 D 】
A. which
B. where
C. when
D. that
13.She has caught cold,because she completely forgot ______ the windows last night. 【 C 】
A. locking
B. being locked
C. to lock
D. to have locked
【答案解析】:译文:她感冒了,因为昨晚她完全忘记关窗户了。此题考查动词forget的用法。forget to do sth意为“忘记去做某事(没有做)”;forget doing sth意为“忘记已经做过的事”。
14.It is four years ______ she came to this college. 【 A 】
A. since
B. that
C. after
D. when
【答案解析】:it用做主语指一段时间four years,since的含义为“自从”,引导时间状语从句。注意不要和强调句型混淆。
15.______ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present 【 A 】
A. What
B. That
C. The fact
D. The manner
16.Mr. Hall understands that ______ maths has always been easy for him, it is not easy for the students. 【 C 】
A. unless
B. since
C. although
D. when
【答案解析】:该题考查连词在宾语从句中的用法。观察题干Mr. Hall understands是主句,其后有that引导的宾语从句,可将该句简化为: ______ maths has always been easy for him, it is not easy for the students.分析简化后的句子可知, maths has always been easy for him与it is not easy for the students之间含有转折关系,其他选项不合题干逻辑。故答案为C.
17.When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly ______ he wants. 【 A 】
A. what
B. which
C. when
D. that
【答案解析】:这是一个宾语从句,wants后面缺少宾语,Always give the monkey exactly what he wants是一句谚语,意思是“永远给予他人他确实想要的东西”。故答案为A.
18.______ is going to America for further study. 【 D 】
A. He is said that
B. People said that he
C. It was said he
D. It is said that he
19.Mary ______ be in Paris,for I saw her in the town only a few minutes ago. 【 B 】
A. mustn‘t
B. can’t
C. shouldn‘t
D. may not
【答案解析】:由题意可知被猜测的时间是现在,有客观事实根据I saw her in the town a few minutes ago,猜测语气要求最强,所以正确选项是B(can‘t是must的否定式)。
20.— The room is so dirty. ______ we clean it? 【 B 】
— Of course.
A. Will
B. Shall
C. Would
D. Do
1.——There were already five people in the car but they managed to take me as well.
——It ______ a comfortable journey. 【 D 】
A. can‘t be
B. shouldn’t be
C. mustn‘t have been
D. couldn’t have been
【答案解析】:由题意可知被猜测的时间是过去,有客观事实根据there were already five people……take me as well,猜测语气要求最强,所以正确选项是D.
2.She didn‘t approve of his conduct ______ his former employers. 【 C 】
A. by means of
B. in terms of
C. with regard to
D. in line with
【答案解析】:with regard to:关于,至于,对于。
3.The doctor brought mother ______ a serious illness. 【 D 】
A. back
B. off
C. to
D. through
bring back 带回,使回忆,使恢复bring off 完成,救出,使成功,搬走bring through 治愈,使度过困难/危险时期
4.If he had not missed the train, he ______ by then. 【 B 】
A. might get
B. should have got
C. got
D. had got
【答案解析】:与过去事实相反的虚拟条件句,条件从句的谓语用had+过去分词,主句的谓语用should +have+过去分词。
5.This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen ________ comfortably. 【 B 】
A. is worn
B. wears
C. wearing
D. are worn
【答案解析】:英语中有些动词不使用被动结构,本身就表示被动意义。这些动词主要有:wear, feel, wash, sell, read等。
6.Heating ________ into the students‘ dormitories now. 【 B 】
A. is putting
B. is being put
C. is been put
D. has been putting
【答案解析】:此题考查被动语态的进行式:be +being +PP.(过去分词)。
7.This page needed ________ again. 【 D 】
A. being checked
B. checked
C. to check
D. to be checked
【答案解析】:本句主语是this page,与check是被动的关系。need to be checked:需要被核实。
8.In some parts of the world, tea ________ with milk and sugar. 【 B 】
A. is serving
B. is served
C. serves
D. served
9.If I had remembered ________ the window, the thief would not have got in. 【 A 】
A. to close
B. closing
C. to have closed
D. having closed
【答案解析】:本句的意思是:“我要是记得把窗子关起来的话,小偷就进不来了。”remember后接动名词表示记得过去曾做过某事,接不定式则表示记得要做某事。本句说的是:“记得把窗子关起来”。因此A)to close是答案。注意remember后面不能用动词不定式的完成式。至于选项B) closing,因为这里“关窗子”这件事“我”并没有做,所以是不对的。
10.The ancient Egyptians are supposed _______ rockets to the moon. 【 C 】
A. to send
B. to be sending
C. to have sent
D. to have been sending
【答案解析】:在本句中,send 为短暂性动词,不能用进行时态。所以B和D两项错误。A和C的区别在于不定式的时态,句首表示时间概念的ancient表明不定式动作在句子谓语动作之前,不定式要用完成式, 因而答案是C.   11._______ from the outer space, our earth looks like a water-covered ball. 【 C 】
A. Having seen
B. Seeing
C. Seen
D. Having been seen
12.I don‘t mind _______ the decision as long as it is not too late. 【 B 】
A. you to delay making
B. your delaying making
C. your delaying to make
D. you delay to make
13.The picture _______ on the wall is painted by my nephew. 【 B 】
A. having hung
B. hanging
C. hangs
D. being hung
14._______ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river.【 A 】
A. Having suffered
B. Suffering
C. To suffer
D. Suffered
【答案解析】:本题考查分词短语作状语的用法。分词作状语,其逻辑主语必须是句子的主语,而本句的主语看似是it,其实它为形式主语,真正的主语为不定式,而不定式省略了逻辑主语for people,所以应用现在分词,又因already,应用完成时。
15.They pretended to be working hard all night with their lights _______. 【 C 】
A. burn
B. burnt
C. burning
D. to burn
【答案解析】:burn“点燃、发亮、发光”,是不及物动词,所以和their lights是主动关系,所以用现在分词。
16.“Well, I‘ll tell you a secret ……” said the boy, with his mouth almost _______ my ear. 【 B 】
A. touched
B. touching
C. touch
D. to touch
【答案解析】:本题考查with 的复合结构。his mouth与touch之间是主动关系。
17.I don‘t feel like _______ anything now. 【 B 】
A. to eat
B. eating
C. having eaten
D. to be eating
【答案解析】:“feel like +doing sth.”,表示“想做某事”,后面只能跟动名词形式。
18.Since he left the university, he _______ in an accounting company. 【 A 】
A. has been working
B. had worked
C. had been working
D. was working
【答案解析】:本题考查时态。 Since引导的从句使用了一般过去时态,表明主句动作从过去开始一直持续到说话时间,因此用现在完成进行时态。
19.By the time the tour ends, the football team _______ twenty matches in four countries. 【 C 】
A. will play
B. will be playing
C. will have played
D. will have been playing
【答案解析】:本题的考点是:将来完成时,将来完成时表示将来的某个时间已经完成的动作。by the time 后面的句子中,主句的谓语动词一般用完成时,这个句子的意思是:等到巡回比赛结束的时候,这支足球队已经在四个国家打了20场比赛了。
    20.People who can neither hear ______ speak talk to each other with the help of their fingers. 【B 】
A. or
B. nor
C. but
D. and


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